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Go Gorilla Youth Fitness and Wellness Program

Go Gorilla Youth Fitness and Wellness Program


Street Wize Foundation is a youth-serving organization working to educate and empower youth about wellness and to foster health-promoting activities including: nutrition, fitness, personal safety, sexual health and green life styles.

Street Wize Foundation’s Go Gorilla Youth Fitness and Wellness Program participants go through a series of drills that demonstrates how physical fitness increases attention span, improves mental acuity and stabilizes moods.  The program teaches participants how to create fitness routines, establish and meet goals, and incentivize personal and group participation. Students 10 and older learn about the science body mass index and caloric intake.  Students track individual and group performance on heart rate, body mass index and other fitness factors over the course.  At the end of the programs, participants receive a certificate of completion, a fitness improvement reports and have created their own personal 10 week fitness plan.





Youth Fitness Program Goals:

  1. Increase knowledge about personal body performance, health and fitness
  2. Increase knowledge about links between fitness, exercise, mental acuity and mental health.
  3. Change personal fitness habits and instill fitness and health goals
  4. Establish ability to create, follow and measure progress on personal fitness routines


Go Gorilla Youth Fitness Program

 Youth Fitness Program Basic Concepts:

Body and Health:  Heart rate, body mass index, fitness levels and mind body connection

Community Awareness / Engagement:  Designing and executing group projects;  engaging diverse stakeholders, encouraging group members.

Personal Skills:  Discipline to change behaviors, group collaboration, short and long term goal setting, setting and achieving goals.



Go Gorilla Nutrition & Wellness Education


Go Gorilla Youth Fitness and Wellness Program

Go Gorilla Youth Fitness and Wellness Program is leveraging two age-appropriate programs to educate and support youth around nutrition and fitness. Both programs are evidence based and were generated by the National Institutes of Health (NIH).  The first, CATCH KIDS CLUB, is an evidence-based physical activity and nutrition education program for elementary school-aged children (grades K–8) in out of school time activities.  CATCH runs on a six-week curriculum that can be continually updated and renewed as there are over 400 activity components. The CATCH Kids Club consists of three programmatic elements: a curricular component, a physical activity component, and a snack component.  Lessons are organized into themes related to physical activity, nutrition, and screen-time reduction.  There are also resources, toolkits and related curricula for increased community and parent engagement.  CATCH “strongly aligns” with the National Afterschool Association (NAA) Program Standards, designed to describe best practices in out-of-school youth ages 5-14.


Go Gorilla Youth Fitness and Wellness Program



The second Go Gorilla Youth Fitness Program for adolescent youth is based on an NIH curriculum called MEDIA-SMART YOUTH: EAT, THINK, AND BE ACTIVE!  This is a 10-lesson curriculum that focuses on helping youth understand the connections between media and health. The program uses nutrition and physical activity examples to help youth learn about these connections and build their media analysis skills. Media-Smart Youth brings together a mix of learning formats, including brainstorming, small- and large-group discussions, games, and creative productions. All these activities are intended to create discussion and encourage problem-solving and critical thinking. The curriculum includes 10 structured lessons with activities that explore media, nutrition, or physical activity topics. Each lesson also includes a Snack Break and an Action Break.